Let's work together

Let’s work together

We’re keen to work with employers to promote maths to young people.

We can help you to understand what students study when they take advanced maths qualifications. If you would like to know more please contact us.

We need your help too:

Review your recruitment processes

Are your job advertisements clear about the maths skills you want candidates to have? Do you prefer applicants with advanced maths qualifications? Do you use numeracy selection tests to filter applicants?

By being transparent about the maths skills you want you can help young people to make the best decisions for their future employment.

Support us at a local level

We welcome your support with running local events for young people. Could you offer a speaker to explain how maths is used in your industry? Or perhaps host an event?

If so, please contact your local AMSP Area Coordinator. For contact details of your local AMSP Area Coordinator, select a region below.

Support us at a national level

Are you able to offer an employee profile or quote to help us promote maths?

If you can help in this way, please contact us.