Covid-19 and the current school year

The AMSP has already developed several new resources to support students and teachers with remote learning. These can be accessed from the relevant pages of this website.

We’re now working on additional materials to support students with the transition to new courses, and to encourage more students to continue to study maths beyond GCSE.

Here’s an overview of some of the developments that we hope you’ll find particularly useful for the current academic year. We’ll let you know when new resources are available.

Transition resources

Students who have made the transition from Year 11 to study A level Mathematics can already access our free Transition to A level: Essential Skills resources online. We have also made printable versions of these resources available, which will be especially useful for students with limited access to technology. Students can also sign up to study the free Transition to A levelOpens a new window course. Both resources help students to develop fluency in the fundamental techniques and the key mathematical concepts that underpin A level Mathematics.

Students can also sign up for the free Core Maths SkillsOpens a new window course. This is designed to support students taking Core Maths but would also benefit students taking other level 3 courses with mathematical content such as Psychology, Geography, Biology and Business.

Please encourage your students to use these resources to support their study of level 3 maths.

The AMSP is now offering a new professional development course, Preparing to teach A level Mathematics. It explores the underlying principles of effective A level Mathematics teaching and is designed for those new to teaching AS/A level Mathematics.

Promoting level 3 maths

Our resources to engage and inform students and their parents about the benefits of studying maths beyond GCSE have been updated. 

There’s a new suite of ‘Why study maths’ presentation resources to use at your open evenings. In addition to an updated version of our PowerPoint and notes, there’s a new series of videos that you can share with students and their parents. This makes them ideal for virtual events, as well as those held in school/college.  

We’ve also produced six online taster sessions – two each for Core Maths, A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics. These give students a flavour of what it’s like to study each of these qualifications. Each consists of an introductory video followed by an interactive ‘lesson’ for the student to work through at their own pace. 

Our Maths: Opening the door to your future leaflet explores the post-16 maths qualifications available, to help you decide which one is best. Please contact us if you’d like free printed copies of any of our leaflets, postcards or posters to pass on to your students. 

Watch out also for some ‘vox pop’ videos of students who’ve studied level 3 maths giving their thoughts on how the qualifications have helped them with their future studies.

We also plan to enhance our careers support and guidance by adding additional website content. This will appear during the autumn term.

Girls’ participation

The AMSP continues to support and promote greater levels of engagement in level 3 maths by girls. We’ll soon launch a new web page, providing detailed guidance for how to encourage more girls to study level 3 maths.

We’re also updating our girls’ participation leafletOpens a new window. The new version will soon be available as printed copies and as a download from the new girls’ participation page – watch this space!


Schools and colleges registered with the AMSP continue to receive free access to extensive resources to support the teaching and learning of maths. In 2020-21, to further support students returning to schools and colleges, MEIOpens a new window is making available videos to support the learning of A level Mathematics, similar in style to the FM videos. These new videos are available via the teacher and shared student logins provided when schools and colleges register with the AMSP. They are designed to be used flexibly as part of a blended learning approach, and are particularly useful for remote learning.

The first sets of videos are available. These cover topics taught in Year 12, such as Surds, Indices, Quadratics, Coordinate Geometry, Differentiation, Integration, Exponentials and Logarithms, as well as topics for students starting Year 13, such as Sequences and Series, and Binomial Expansion. More videos will be added throughout the autumn and spring terms.