Covid-19 and the current school year

The AMSP has always provided a wide range of support and resources that can be used to support students and teachers with remote learning and to support and encourage more students to continue to study maths beyond GCSE.

We understand that there is a great deal of work to do to enable students to recover the learning they have lost due to the pandemic. The AMSP will be enhancing the high-quality support already on offer with six targeted support packages, to help this learning recovery. The packages will focus on:

  1. Motivating students’ interest and maintaining continuity of mathematical learning at Key Stage 4
  2. Supporting students’ transition to level 3 study
  3. AS/A level Mathematics
  4. AS/A level Further Mathematics
  5. Core Maths
  6. Supporting students’ transition to degree study

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This support builds on the wide range of new resources developed during 2020 to support students and teachers.

Here are a few highlights of what’s new, along with details of further developments we’re working on.

Promoting level 3 maths

We’ve updated our resources to engage and inform students and their parents/carers about the benefits of studying maths beyond GCSE.

There’s a new suite of ‘Why study maths’ presentation resources to use at your open evenings. In addition to an updated version of our PowerPoint and notes, there’s a new series of videos to share with students and their parents. This makes them ideal for virtual events, as well as those held in school.

We’ve also produced six online taster sessions – two each for Core Maths, A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics. These give students a flavour of what it’s like to study each of these qualifications. Each consists of an introductory video followed by an interactive ‘lesson’ for the student to work through at their own pace.

Our Maths: Opening the door to your future leaflet explores the post-16 maths qualifications available, to help you decide which one is best.

These videos explore the benefit of taking maths at A level. Students share their experiences and explain why maths was a vital step in their journey to university and pursuing their chosen career path.

Girls’ participation

We’ve updated our girls’ participation leaflet and expanded the information on our website, providing further guidance on encouraging more girls to study level 3 maths.

Supporting post-16 problem solving

Our new online Setting out in Problem Solving courses have been hugely popular. These events are designed to support Year 12 students in starting to think about the skills they should develop to help with the problem-solving aspects of their A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics courses. They also provide an overview of the additional tests that are required for admissions for maths and related undergraduate degrees by some universities. Teachers are also welcome to attend these sessions.

Videos to support blended/remote learning for A level

The FMSP/AMSP produced an extensive series of FM videos: short videos to support the content of AS/A level Further Mathematics. These videos are all 5-10 minutes in length and break the content into bitesized pieces. They are designed to introduce students to key concepts so that they can learn the material for each section by working through appropriate examples. Individual videos are provided for each of the four main AS/A level specifications (AQA, Edexcel, MEI and OCR). There are over 1000 videos that have been authored recorded by experienced Further Mathematics teachers.

In academic year 2020-21, to provide further support during the disruptions, MEIOpens a new window is making available videos to support the learning of A level Mathematics. These new videos are similar in style to the FM videos and are available via the teacher and shared student logins provided when schools and colleges register with the AMSP. They are particularly useful for remote learning and to help students catch up on work missed in Years 11 or 12.

The first sets of A level Maths videos are available. These cover topics taught in Year 12, such as Surds, Indices, Quadratics, Coordinate Geometry, Differentiation, Integration, Exponentials and Logarithms, as well as topics for students starting Year 13, such as Sequences and Series, and Binomial Expansion. More videos will be added throughout the spring term.

Professional Development

The AMSP provides a wide range of online professional development courses to state-funded schools and colleges in England that can be accessed remotely.

On Demand Professional Development (ODPD) is a set of on-demand resources comprising short videos with associated materials focussing on a diverse set of topics which are less widely available via other professional development media. Participants communicate with each other and a supporting tutor via online forums.

Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) is a series of live sessions in an online classroom, on the same evening over several weeks. Typically, the focus is on subject knowledge giving participants the confidence to deliver a component of a Mathematics, Further Mathematics or Core Maths course in an engaging active way.

Teachers can also freely access the AMSP Professional Development videos which provide ideas for how overarching themes and technology can be incorporated into lessons for GCSE Mathematics, AS/A level Mathematics and AS/A level Further Mathematics.

We've also published a series of videos developed to provide advice to teachers who have been forced to transfer part or all of their teaching into the online environment. The videos cover the absolute minimum requirements to run an online session, right through to the high-level decisions required to plan for substantial online learning in the long term.